The problem is

Esports athletes see their inconsistent performance solely as a gameplay issue.

How does this help players

Dietary needs

Everyone is different, so by understanding the players inspanidually and their bodies needs. We can develop guidelines that are easy for every player.

Travelling efficiently

Long travel days have a profound effect on the body - often aggravating symptoms of Stress induced Anxiety which effect a players ability to communicate and focus in game.

Caffeine Consumption

Whilst caffeine stimulates brain activity, used incorrectly can have an adverse effect on the body - prolonging the stress your body feels.


Motivation is a psychological phenomenon that is directly influenced by our dietary needs, sleeping habits, body image and more.

Our performance strategy is designed to turn what we think, say and motivates us into real, productive results.

Players who follow our performance strategy see a dramatic improvement in their in-game performance within 3-6 months.

Our Case Studies

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