The problem is

The problem is Esports athletes currently develope unhealthy habits that hinder their success as an ath-lete dramatically

How does this help players

Happy players

Bad habits, don't just stop you being good, they stop you feeling good. By rebuilding new habits, players feel more confident in their ability to correct mistakes.

Better problem solvers

Players become better problem solves - once they know how to actively fix habits outside of the game. They learn to apply this knowledge inside the game.

Better communicators

Players are able to comfortably navigate the communication & cultural barriers that once effected their performance.

Precision focus

Players become more focused allowing them to retain more information from practice and apply it in game more efficiently.

Accountability is designed to give players full control over their lives by training them to structure it more efficiently.

Players who account for their actions see a dramatic improvement in their in-game performance within 3-6 months.

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