The problem is

The problem is Esports athletes are not actively trying to take control of their hectic schedule.

How does this help players

Staying in control

Our holistic philosophy helps players find their own way to balance sleep, practice, eating and exercise.

Healthy body

Having accountability allows players to learn what works for them, allowing them to maximize their game time without compromising their bodies.

Keep record

Players make it a habit to keep track of their dietary intake , exercise and active schedule so they never feel like they are forgetting something.

SoS Meetings

When things take an unexpected turn - our SoS meetings will help players compartmentalise problems into easy to tackle chunks - making them more efficient.

Accountability is designed to give players full control over their lives by training them to structure it more efficiently.

Players who account for their actions see a dramatic improvement in their in-game performance within 3-6 months.

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